Saturday, December 4, 2010

Embrace the Chaos!

The Dining area in my kitchen has been turned into "scrap storage"!! It's absolute madness!! We're getting the carpets cleaned in our house this week - so things needed to be "re-arranged"

Here's my empty scrap room - doesn't it look sad!! See that little shadow in the carpet? The carpet needs to be stretched. But..... to do that all the furniture needed to be moved. My desk was actually built in that room, and much to our suprise would not be taken out easily. We had to remove the top and separate the 2 sides of the desk!! Thank goodness I wasn't here to see it!! My "baby" taken out in pieces!! So I'm doing my best to "embrace the chaos" until the carpets are done and I can get the pieces back together again!

And you know chaos loves chaos.... On top of the madness today with moving stuff around my scrap room, my washing machine has "issues"... something has gotten stuck and is rolling around in doubt a lego piece from my son's jeans. So it's in pieces as well.' wishing all you a "chaos free" day :-)

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