Saturday, January 1, 2011

A sign of HOPE for 2011!!

As we ate dinner tonight this beautiful rainbow appeared out our backyard. I take this as a wonderous sign of hope for 2011, for better things to come!
This will be my very first entry for Project Life!
I hope everyone out there had a fantastic holiday season!
Mine was blessed with Family and Friends!
After 9 years of not having everyone in my family in the same place at the same time,
Everyone made their way "home for the holidays"
4 separate states, bedrooms filled with air mattresses, cots and suitcases,
A pantry that has never held so much food,
One nasty stomach flu that ran crazy and took down 11 out of 15 people in the house
despite it - it didn't stop us!!!
Games, cards, and more presents than could fit under the tree,
a house filled with LOVE and LAUGHTER
that only a family can bring
I am sooo thankful for one glorious week with the family I miss so much!

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