Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Beautiful Box on My Porch!

I was Soooooo excited when I got home on Friday night and there on my porch was a beautiful box!!! (Enter Alleluia chorus playing in the background :-)

Alas, my long awaited Project Life kit had arrived!! The Turquoise addition with all it's fun circles!
I have boys, so I am loving the primary colors and festive geometric designs
Even the boxes the journaling cards come in are styling! I just love it all.
My goal tonight is to get it all put together - we'll see...
My son's birthday party was last night -11 boys- and us with the bright idea of getting them Nerf shooters - it was a war zone in our basement -absolutely hilarious! And a sleepover to boot!! Fun stuff - I think they finally settled down about 1am to watch a movie! I am exhausted - ready to go back to work just for the break!!
But....Project Life is on my mind and I'm so excited to get started. I've been keeping up on the daily pictures and Journaling using Microsoft One-Note. If you haven't had a chance to use this program - I highly recommend it - it's AWESOME and Totally PERFECT for Project Life! I'll post more on that later - For now it's time to play with the new dart board my son got from a friend, yep a 6 and almost 10 year old throwing sharp metal objects, nothing could go wrong there...:-) Can anyone say "trip to the ER"? But my boys just smile their irresistible smiles and say "Mommy worries too much", and I tell them "it's my job" :-)

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