Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day to Embrace Doing NOTHING!

This is what I woke up to this morning!!! My son had made me Jelly toast and milk!!
"Happy Birthday Mommy" - I must say it was the most delicious jelly toast I have ever eaten!

Yes, today is my birthday!! My one day a year I strive to do Absolutely Nothing AND not feel guilty about it!!! Of course there's plenty of days the rest of the year I strive to do nothing, the big difference is today I don't feel bad about it!!
Maybe it's a "mom-thing", not sure, but it is a real struggle (for me anyways) to do things for myself without the guilt of feeling I should be doing something else, whether it's something with the kids, cleaning the house, work calling my name, a million little things

So, today was "guilt-free" I had a fire, lit my favorite candles and curled up in this chair with a book and the TV remote. What a fantastically relaxing day!!
The reality that is the craziness of my life will just have to wait until tomorrow!!

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